Viral Video Episode 3 - Celebrities Behaving Badly

We see them everyday on our TV's, Celebrities behaving Badly.

Most commonly it could be Britney Spears doing something loopy, Paris Hilton showing her... bits, Nicole Richie battling her weight or Lindsey Lohan battling the bottle.

We say we don't care but like a train wreck we just can't look away

Here's another script from a recent online production on viral video using the actions of celebrities behaving badly at the core (any resemblance to Britney Spears is purely coincidental).

Introduction by Frank from the studio:


"Celebrities behaving badly. There's something alluring about watching the rich and privileged abusing their status... acting somewhat below their class, even, without class."

Frank puts his hand to his ear.

"I'm being told right now that entertainment reporter, Skip Norfelder has some breaking news... over to you Skip"

Site location: Field reporter Skip Norfelder is speaking to camera outside.


"Thank you Frank. Sources have led us to the Beverley Hills 'Hi Colonic and Coffee Emporium'. Known equally for its star clients as well as the catch phrase 'cleanse your anus and you can be famous!'

Reports have celebrity wild child, Brindsey Richton here for the 3rd session this week and..."

Skip excitedly motions the camera to the door

"and it looks like...yes... here she comes."

"Miss Richton..."

Brindsey exits the door with a coffee in one hand and a baby in the other.

As she makes her way down the stairs she is startled by the camera and slips on the last step, almost spilling her coffee and throwing the baby into the air (which is caught by skip).

Brindsey shrieks:


"OHHHH! You almost made me spill my coffee!"

Skip looks at the baby then quizzically at the camera.


"Why cant you people leave my alone... go away... "

Brindsey hurriedly makes her way to the car with the camera, Skip and baby in pursuit.

As she gets to the car she places the coffee on the roof and stops... realizing she has forgotten something.


"ahh Miss Richton"


"My baby... where's my..." sees the baby with the reporter.

"What are you doing? Give me back my baby!"

She snatches the baby from Skip's hands

Proceeds to get in the car with a parting shot at the reporter:

"You people are so irresponsible!"

Ironically she starts the car while placing her baby on her lap.

"There you go baby... now don't drive angry"

Backs the car out of the driveway and leaves as the camera returns to Skip.


"o....k... there you have it, back to you in the studio Frank"

Scene switch back to Frank in the studio.


"hmmm interesting, they must make one heck of a coffee at that place!"

"I'm Frank Romanis, till next time..."

With that a light blows with a loud bang

Frank jumps and makes a comment "whoa... could have been worse I suppose"

Turns and walks away as the studio light topples onto him...

End of script.

Like a cartoonist exaggerating the most minor flaw, by taking one aspect of a celebrities action and highlighting it, exaggerating it and totally making fun of it a comedy skit is born.
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Viral Video Episode 3 - Celebrities Behaving Badly
Viral Video Episode 3 - Celebrities Behaving Badly
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